Our garden

Mar 15, 2011 by


Born in the same garden, sharing the same sun,
took every raindrop we could.
growing together, little by little.
Sometimes, had a leaf broken, or a flower cut,
but together, our stems embraced each other,
a colourful net, keeping our hearts from falling to the ground.
And when we had no water, the other one would give,
and when we had no sun, the other one would smile.
We all cared for the same sky,
and we all waited for the same spring.
But then we left the nest,
to follow birds of exotic lands.
With big rainbows and sliding mountains.
But then we had no one to hold us on the heavy rain,
to mend our aching heart when our flowers were taken.
Our bodies bent at the cold wind and our smell was scattered unjustly.
So now we are returning to the nest,
wondering if we will find again the garden of our childhood.


Marianna Pliakou
Guernsey, March 2011

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